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How I Win at Craps All the Time

I get this question all the time, whether it’s about craps, roulette, blackjack, or slots. The simple answer is that you can’t win all the time. This is serious. There is no Holy Grail unless you are cheating, and cheating in a casino is a bad thing, you shouldn’t do it. Sure, you can take a cue from Danny Ocean and create an earthquake in a casino to get the dice loaded in your favor, but if you can do that, what are you doing there?

Either way, there are ways to maximize your chances of winning. Of course, these will not guarantee that you will win at craps every time, but they will give you a better chance of ending up with a win if you do a few simple things.

It is actually a great casino to play at and has some very good bonuses. Once you do, load up the craps tables and get familiar with them. Also, check out our article on how to play craps if you don’t know the game well.

Now, what advice can I give you so that you win at craps all the time? Well, like I said, you can’t win every time, but let’s make sure you don’t lose every time.

First of all, avoid placing “loser” bets if you want to maximize your chances of winning. These are bets in which the casino has a very large advantage. So don’t bet on 12 to begin with. You have a 35:1 odds, but the room only pays 30:1. Yes, it’s a nice payout if you get it, but in the long run, you’ll lose for sure. The same goes for “I” (11), 2, or 3 bets.

If you are just playing for some fun then go for these bets. They’re fun when you get them, and I’m speaking from experience, but I’ve also lost way more times than I’ve won. But if I’m just doing it as something unimportant, I’m not interested. However, if you want to win more often at craps, avoid these bets.

You want to bet on the pass line (or if you’re feeling brave in a live casino, on the don’t pass line). The odds on the pass line are 251:244 and the casino pays 1:1 so the house edge is very small. Position 6 and Position 8 are your next best bets, as the house edge is only slightly higher than pass/don’t pass bets.

Also, if you want to test and optimize your bets, read our Craps Hedging Bets article which should give you a little edge to work with. Again, you will not beat the casinos using them, but you will win a little more than if you bet blind.

I think this is the most important thing when it comes to craps: don’t bet blind. Take some time to think about how you are going to bet and stick with it. You can use various strategies such as Oscar’s Grind (which was originally designed for craps), but make sure you stick to the best value bets until the session is over. If you do, you will not lose your bankroll, and in return you will see how the number of losing sessions is reduced as well as the lost ones. It may sound silly, but knowledge is power.

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